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We’re excited to announce that we have been accepted to both the Microsoft for Startups and the Amazon AWS for Startups programs. This is an important step for Xatkit as it will enable us to:

  • Ensure the scalability of the Xatkit runtime by testing it and deploying on the Azure and AWS platforms
  • Integrate more Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Libraries to Xatkit for clients that want to use Microsoft’s or Amazon’s AI stack. Microsoft Luis and Amazon Lex would be two clear examples. Both are possible thanks to Xatkit orchestration philosophy and architecture!
  • Accelerate our learning thanks to the trainings and communities part of these programs
  • Explore collaborations with other startups participating as well in the Amazon or Microsoft startups programs
  • and, of course, save some money when doing all the above thanks to their generous free credits offerings 😉

We will come back soon with more exciting news!

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