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Xatkit Bot Platform

Xatkit is a generic and extensible platform for developing digital assistants. Create your chatbot once, deploy it anywhere with our advanced connections with external services

Multi-platform support

Deploy your bot on Slack, Messenger,… Reply on the same or different platform. Or execute any internal or external service / API in response to a user request. All thanks to our extensible platform mechanism. Combine the platform/s you want or add your own.


Intelligent bots

Easy intent recognition based on Machine Learning thanks to our integration with DialogFlow (or your favourite natural language recognition provider). Just provide some sample sentences as training set and let the “magic” of IA do the rest


Textual Bot definition

Better productivity thanks to our set of textual languages to define the conversation flows and (advanced) responses to user intents based on the services offered by our supported platforms.

Free to use

Xatkit is completely free. You can download it and modify from our GitHub repository. Avoid vendor lock-in. If you have any issues, want to share your experience with it or ask for custom extensions / adaptations, just contact us.

10 reasons to love Xatkit



A full research team is behind Xatkit. Innovation and transfer of research results is at our core.


No lock-in

Move your bots from one platform to another (e.g. from DialogFlow to Watson). Zero rewriting required.


Much more than chat

Forget simple chatbots. Xatkit is an integral service. Connect your bots to any internal/external service



Create similar bots in a breeze thanks to our proprietary technology for massive bot generations.



Choose the best NL engine for your language to maximize intent recognition.



Define your bots without writing a single line of code. Focus on what matters. Maximize your productivity.


Open Source

The Xatkit editor and runtime are open source. You don’t need us to create and run your digital assistants.



Combine any number of platforms in the same bot. Xatkit’s architecture is completely modular.


Automatic Generation

Don’t start from scratch. Kick-start your bot creation process from your own website or data sources



Use any of our many predefined platforms or easily build your own from our platform templates.

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