Easiest way to get your own smart chatbot



Xatkit Bot Platform

Xatkit is a generic and extensible platform for developing all kinds of digital assistants. Create your own or let us help you build a custom-made bot able to work with any service you need


Let the bot welcome your visitors and make sure they have the best possible experience when visiting your site. Cut your customer support costs. Focus on the tasks that really need you.


Intelligent bots

Easy intent recognition based on cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning techniques. Define your bot with a few sample sentences and let the magic of IA do the rest

Multi-platform support

Deploy your bot on Slack, Messenger,… Execute external services for complex processing requests (e.g. order status). Combine the chatbot with a live chat and take over the conversation when needed.

Open Souce

Xatkit is an open source platform. You can just download it from our GitHub repository. Avoid vendor lock-in. And if you need any professional support to create, train, host or monitor your bot just ping us! 



But, do I need a chatbot? 



10 reasons to love Xatkit


Save money

Great customer support is very expensive. Xatkit can cut down that cost in half


No lock-in

Xatkit is open source. You are always able to have full control of your bots and take them with you


Much more than chat

Forget simple chatbots. Xatkit is an integral service. Connect your bots to any internal/external service



We can create similar bots in a breeze thanks to our proprietary technology for massive bot generations


NLP support

Choose the optimal NLP engine (DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, Microsoft Luis,…) for your project



A full research team is behind Xatkit. Innovation and transfer of research results is at our core


Automatic Generation

Don’t start from scratch. We can kick-start your bot creation process from whatever data you have



Combine any number of platforms in the same bot. Xatkit’s architecture is completely modular



Define your bots with our own internal Bot Language. Focus on what matters. Maximize your productivity



Easily deploy your bot on any server. Or we can host it for you!

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