Your own AI-powered digital salesperson in less than 5 minutes

The fastest way to get a personalized bot for your online shop. Help your clients 24/7. Sell more doing less. No code required. Bots are always in sync with your eCommerce data

A digital assistant
just for you

Get a digital assistant that understands your online shop and is ready to work out of the box.

Xatkit comes with a wide range of preset conversations to help your customer find what they need.

Search products

Let your customer express their needs in natural language and find the products they need.

Promote products

Recommend products directly to your client. 

Shipping and Payment

The bot can explain the payment and shipping options available. Country-specific


The bot is always synchronized with your eCommerce data. Just update your store and the bot will notice and adapt ASAP


Enhance your visitor experience with personalized FAQs 

Order status

Automatically handle order status questions and tracking information requests. 

Understand the clients

Monitor how your visitors use the bot and adapt to their needs 

Continuous improvement

The bot is always learning and evolving based on the interactions with your clients.   

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, or create an account

An automatic chatbot

Get a bot tailored to your website in no time

Our bots are automatically created from your shop data. No need to fill forms or configure conversations, we got you covered. Your bot includes several built-in conversations you can enable to customize your customer experience.

A personalized chatbot

Make a bot your users will like

Customize built-in conversations and define how your bot talks to your customers. Create your own FAQs to improve your bot and enhance user experience.

Configure the look and feel of your chatbot to make it fit perfectly in your website.


A smart chatbot

Continuously learning, always up-to-date bots

Your chatbot is always synchronized with your shop. No need to duplicate any information or reconfigure it.

We designed our solution to automatically learn from your clients and understand more and more questions.  Not good enough? You can improve it manually to perfectly fit your needs.

80% of online businesses die in the first two years!

Let Xatkit help you with your eCommerce. Our bots will make sure yours is one of those business that succeed while you play, sleep or enjoy some time away with your loved ones.


What eCommerce platforms do you support?

Right now Xatkit is available to WooCommerce shops. Connectors for shopify, Prestashop, Magento,… are planned. Let us know what platforms would you like us to support next.

Will you add new built-in conversations?

Yes. Expect new converstations to pop-up on your dashboard from time to time. Even better, all bots will be able to enable them, not only new ones. 

Can I change logo and colors?

The look and feel of the bot is fully configurable. Upload your own logo, use our color picker or even write your own CSS adaptations. 

Can I create my own conversations?

Absolutely. The dashboard has a specific section to add any new question you want the bot to answer. 

Can the bot talk in my language?

Right now we offer bots in English, Spanish and Catalan. Get in touch if you’re interested in other languages.

Does the bot learn by itself?

We improve the bots based on their experience across all shops. You can also help by suggesting new sentences the bot should have recognized. 

Why the bot doesn't show up?

Double check you have registered your account and configured the API keys. Check also whether an aggressive cache/optimization plugin is blocking Xaktit.

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