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Xatkit Bot Platform

Xatkit is a low-code/no-code chatbot platform for developing all kinds of digital assistants. Create your own or let us help you build a custom-made bot able to work with any service you need

Save money

Let your bot welcome your visitors and take good care of them thanks to the latest AI techniques. Cut your customer support costs. Focus on the tasks that really need you.

Automatic Generation

Do not waste time creating your bot. Send us the docs, excel files, knowledge bases, spreadsheets,… with the data the bot needs to know, and we will create it for you.

Multi-platform support

Deploy your bot on Slack, Messenger,… Execute external services for complex processing requests (e.g. order status). Combine the chatbot with a live chat and take over the conversation when needed.


With Xatkit, you can have a pretrained bot expert in eCommerce. Install the bot on your online store and the bot will be able to read your catalog and assist your clients right away. No configuration required. 



10 reasons to love Xatkit




Your solution

Xatkit adapts to your needs. Not the other way round. Your bots as you want them


No lock-in

Xatkit is open source. You are always able to have full control of your bots and take them with you


Much more than chat

Forget simple chatbots. Xatkit is an integral service. Connect your bots to any internal/external service



We can create similar bots in a breeze thanks to our proprietary technology for massive bot generation


NLP support

Choose the optimal NLP engine (DialogFlow, Watson, Lex,…) for your project. Or combine them all



A full research team is behind Xatkit. Innovation and transfer of research results are at our core



Automatically generate your bot from whatever data you have. 



Integrate any number of platforms in the same bot. Xatkit’s architecture is completely modular



Define your bots with our own Bot Definition Language. Maximize your productivity


Hosting & Monitoring

Easily deploy your bot on any server. Or we can host it for you!

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