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Nicolas Erlichman and Francisco Fernández have contributed a brand new Twitter platform to xatkit.

With this new platform you can now send and receive messages from Twitter, and search or post Tweets from your bot.

More specifically, there are for now 4 twitter actions developed for this implementation:

  • PostATweet to ask the chatbot to post a tweet on your behalf with a specific content.
  • SendDM to ask the chatbot to send a direct message on your behalf with a specific content.
  • ReceiveDM to ask the chatbot to show your latest direct messages sent to you.
  • LookForTweets to ask the chatbot to show you a series of tweet related to a search term that is indicated to the chatbot.

As usual, remember that thanks to Xatkit’s modular architecture, you can combine this twitter platform with any of the other platforms already available. For instance, you can easily create a bot that reads from twitter and ping you on Slack when something requires your attention (stay tuned to see an example!).


Featured image by mkhmarketing

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