Supported Platforms

This page lists the platforms currently supported by Xatkit. Some platforms are able to send events / messages to our bots (e.g. Slack letting us know that somebody is talking to the bot in a channel) while others are listening to the instructions out bots give to them (e.g. the GitHub platform waiting for us to create a new bug report based on a chat conversation we had with a user). A few platforms are ready for bidirectional communication (e.g. we can get messages from Slack but also post there when something happens in another platform).

Don’t you see your favourite platform in the list? Or the platform is missing an event / service you need for your bot?. Feel free to contribute to the platform repository in GitHub (see the link below each platform description) or get in touch with us.

And remember that thanks to the modular architecture of Xatkit, you can mix and match any platforms you like in the same bot!


Receive and send messages from Slack to your bot



Send and receive messages from Twitter, and search or post Tweets. There are 4 twitter actions developed for this implementation:

  • PostATweet to ask the chatbot to post a tweet on your behalf with an specific content.
  • SendDM to ask the chatbot to send a direct message on your behalf with an specific content.
  • ReceiveDM to ask the chatbot to show your latest direct messages sent to you.
  • LookForTweets to ask the chatbot to show you a series of tweet related to a search term that is indicated to the chatbot.



Open a chatbot window in any web page thanks to this React componet to embed Xatkit in any website.



Receive and send messages from Discord



Integrate GIFs from Giphy in your execution model



Receive events and perform action on Github from your Xatkit execution model



This platform allows to create nodes, set properties, and create relationships in your Neo4j Graph Database from Xatkit bots.



It provides actions to create and manipulate UML models


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