We have a dedicated repo listing some Xatkit bot examples that you can use right away or as inspiration to build your own. Each platform comes as well with a minimal bot to illustrate some of the platform’s capabilities.

Some of the example bots have been covered in more detail:

  • The Giphy to Slack bot: you can ask the bot whatever you feel like seeing and the  “Giphy to Slack” chatbot will automatically find a gif in Giphy tagged with that word and post the animated gif in the Slack channel.
  • The UML modeling bot: many teams already use tools like Slack for communication purposes. So, why not trying to use that same tool to sketch UML models? And even better, using natural language commands?
  • The GitHub bot to help maintainers of open source projects by making sure that, among other things, users provide all the needed information when creating a bug report.
  • The Trello bot to make it easier than ever to create cards in the middle of a Slack discussion so that you don’t forget to follow-up on the topics. This bot uses our brand new Zapier platform.  


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