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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know about Xatkit but were afraid to ask

Bot conversations

Questions regarding the built-in bot conversations and the custom FAQ section of the bot dashboard

Can I create my own conversations?

Absolutely. You can expand the bot capabilities by adding your own questions and answers.

Can I modify the built-in conversations?

Yes. You can edit all messages the bot prints. Go to the conversation you want to adapt and modify any text in the conversation tree at your will.

Will you add new predefined conversations?

Yes. We will keep expanding the set of default conversations to make the bot even more useful. You also play a role here by letting us know what conversations you’re missing!

What languages does the bot speak?

Right now the bot speaks English, Spanish, French and Catalan.

I have a multilingual website. Can I have a multilingual bot?

Each language requires a different bot (as it needs to be trained for each specific language). We’re working though in the possibility of adding different bots to the same website so that each visitor gets a bot that speaks her language.

I need the bot in another language

It’s possible but it will require a custom bot definition. Feel free to reach out to talk about it.

Configuration and Compatibility

Questions regarding the look and feel of the bot and other configuration and platform compatibility options

Can I use my own logo for the bot?

Indeed. In the plugin, you can provide the logo you wish to use to replace the default one.

Can I change the look and feel of the chatbot widget?

You can modify the widget color from the plugin. You can also perform more advanced modifications by directly modifying the CSS of the bot. 

Can I force the bot to show maximized (or minimized)?

Yes. The plugin comes with settings to define where to show the bot and how to visualize it.

Are you compatible with WooCommerce?

Absolutely. Xatkit chatbots come with native support for WooCommerce. Connect the bot with your WooCommerce store and enable all the eCommerce conversations that will reuse your shop data to help you sell more doing less.

I'm on Shopify / Prestashop / Magento ...

Xatkit does not offer connectors yet for these other platforms but we’re fully aware that we should. Please let us know what platforms you’d like us to support next (and subscribe to the newsletter to follow our progress). We would be looking also for testers for these technologies, so stay tuned!

My site does not use any of the major CMS / eCommerce platforms. Can I still use Xatkit?

Sure. A bot with the default Xatkit conversations and your own custom FAQs can be added to any website. Also, we could implement a connector specific for your eCommerce data, even if your site uses a custom technology . Let’s discuss the options!


Questions about subscription options and payment methods.

How much is the bot?

See the pricing page for the available subscription packages. 

Is there any upfront cost to get my bot up and running?

No. There is no initial cost. Xatkit eCommerce is a SaaS product. You only pay for the monthly / yearly subscription.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. We’ll be sorry to see you go but you’re free to cancel your subscription without any justification.

How do I pay?

We use FastSpring to manage and charge for subscriptions. FastSpring accepts many payment methods and takes care of adding the VAT if needed. 

Do you have sprecial prices for bulk purchases?

If you manage numerous websites, we’ll be happy to chat and discuss a special discount,

Do you have an affiliate program?

Not at the moment. Would you be interested in it?


Questions about potential errors when using Xatkit

The bot doesn't show up

Double-check you have registered your account and configured the API keys. Check also whether an aggressive cache/optimization plugin installed on your website is blocking Xaktit. If so, you may need to an exception that lets your website load the JS and CSS files needed by Xatkit.

The bot doesn't understand what the visitor says

If this happens with a built-in conversation, let us know and we’ll see to fix it. If it happens with a custom FAQ try to expand or refine the training sentences to cover more keywords. Also check a question is not overlapping with another one already defined. Or, of course, ask us for help! 

Where do I report the errors?

You can directly contact us but even better if you chat with us on the public Xatkit Slack workspace so that others can also benefit from the discussion.


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