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Installing your own eCommerce and customer support chatbot has never been so easy

Follow these simple steps to create a new Xatkit account, configure your bot, connect it to your website and online shop and show the bot on your website. All in less than 10 minutes. Keep reading if you don’t believe us!

1. Create your xatkit account

Go to

Enter your email and password. Once you confirm your email, you’ll be ready to login and start playing with your brand new eCommerce bot in the bot dashboard.

2. Add the bot to your website

Download and install our WordPress plugin

The plugin will take care of adding the CSS/JS files to your website to render the chatbot widget. Just add the API key, available in your dashboard (Settings option in the left menu), to connect your website with the bot. Feel free to customize the bot your logo, colors and visualization filters.

3.  Import your shop data

If you have an online shop, enable many more built-in conversations by connecting the bot to WooCommerce

The consumer key and secret allow Xatkit to connect to your WooCommerce website and read its content. This enables the bot to answer customers’ questions related to your products. Create a consumer key and secret pair for Xatkit by navigating to your WooCommerce dashboard, and access:

WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced Tab > REST API

Configure your Xatkit eCommerce chatbot
Configure your Xatkit eCommerce chatbot

4.  Configure and preview your bot

Choose the bot language, add your own FAQs, adapt the built-in conversations…

Now you have a bot ready to use, so you could skip this step. But, if you wish, you can configure plenty of different settings to adapt the bot to your exact liking!. Turn on/off conversations, change the default messages, add new conversations…

Installing Xatkit on other platforms

Xatkit bots can be added to any type of website (WP, Drupal, plain HTML sites, ….). While the shop imported is for now limited to WooCommerce (join the newsletter to get updates on this), you can still use Xatkit to easily create your own FAQ bot to answer all these repetitive visitors’ questions you’re so tired of replying again and again!. Get in touch for more specific instructions to install Xatkit on your platform.

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