Excel to Chatbot

Do you already have a list of frequent questions and answers for your clients in an Excel file? You can easily transform your Excel into a fully-functional bot with our service. We will take your Excel file, deploy a test bot for you to check out, and only once you like it, pay for it. Even the bot on our homepage has been fully generated using this service (take a look!).

Three months of free chatbot hosting are included in the price. After you can pay for additional hosting support or take the bot with you and deploy it on your own servers. We can configure the bot to work with DialogFlow, nlp.js or other options thanks to Xatkit’s orchestration capabilities.

We can adapt to other spreadsheet software and formats (Google sheets, CSV, Airtable, etc). And even to other types of documents (web pages, Word,…). Check with us the available options!.


Ready to transform an Excel file …

Chatbot XLS definition Sample
Chatbot XLS template macros


… into a chatbot your clients will love?

How it works?

Getting your new bot ready is just a very straightforward and zero-risk 3-step process

Phase 1 – Start of the process

You send us your Excel file based on our template.

We take a look at your data

Both clarify possible doubts and start the process

Phase 2 – Testing the bot


We deploy the generated bot on our server and give you access (see this example)

You play with the bot and give us feedback.

Both finalize the details for the final deployment

Phase 3 – Your bot is ready


You go ahead with the payment

We deploy the final bot on our server and help you add it to your website

Your clients start enjoying the bot

Choose your package

We offer several packages adapted to your specific chatbot needs

No-code (PRO)

Fill our enhanced template and get a bot with superpowers!
  • Up to 500 question and answer topics
  • Unlimited number of training sentences
  • Custom vocabularies for more flexible question matching
  • Chit-chat support in the conversation
  • Help support in the conversation
  • Organize questions in groups to guide the visitor
  • Test the bot before you pay
  • 3-month free hosting (advanced plan)
  • Quality analysis of your bot definition
  • Configuration of the widget to match your page look&feel.
  • Generation of conversation paths for contact requests


Send us your own XLS file and get a great bot out of it
  • Everything in the Advanced plan
  • Any input data format
  • Data cleaning and optimization for optimal bot results
  • Unlimited topics
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Sentiment analysis
  • More than just textual answers
  • Connections to your internal services and database
  • Live chat

Forever Hosting

Each package comes with an initial free hosting for your chatbot. From day one you’ll be able to enjoy our no-hassle hosting environment. We will deploy and keep an eye on our bot while also offering a dashboard monitoring console and many other services.

Once your time is up, you’ll be able to choose the chatbot hosting plan that best fits your needs or ask for your chatbot definition and take care of hosting the bot yourself (remember, the Xatkit core engine is open source).  

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