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Discover everything our expert eCommerce chatbots can do for you and your online store! We are WooCommerce and WordPress specialists!

Built-in conversations

The bot includes a number of predefined conversations to start helping your clients right away. They all work out-of-the-box as we pretrained the bot for you!

See some of them

Custom FAQ

Enhance your visitor experience with personalized FAQs. Define new questions/answers for the bot with our easy-to-use interface. The bot will immediately add them to its knowledge base.

Example of a custom FAQ

Shipping and payment

The bot can explain the payment and shipping options available. It can even explain the shipping options for the specific region the customer is asking about.

Example of a shipping conversation

Order status

Let the bot handle order status questions and tracking information requests. Given an order number, the bot can check and provide the client all the order status information available.


Never miss a client request

When the bot doesn’t know the answer to a visitor’s question, it will offer the visitor to leave an email so that you can contact him back whenever it is convenient for you.

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Full AI power

Xatkit uses the latest AI advances to understand what your visitors are saying. For instance, smart chatbots can tolerate some typos in the text and match expressions the bot has not seen before.


Masters 4 languages

You can choose the language the bot should talk in the bot settings page. Available options are English, Spanish, French and Catalan.

How to change your bot’s language

Worry-free solution

Xatkit is the solution to get a bot you don’t need to worry about. We host the bot for you. We improve the bot for you. You just sit back and relax. Who else could provide this service 🙂 ?

eCommerce conversations

Connect your WooCommerce store to Xatkit to enable all the eCommerce conversations. Let the bot help you sell more while you focus on other aspects of your business.

See some of them

Promote products

The bot will promote your recommended products. You don’t need to tell the bot what products you want to feature, the bot will take this information directly from your eCommerce platform settings.


Search products

Let your customers say what they want in plain English and the bot will find the products they are looking for. Users can even directly add the products to the shopping cart with the bot.

See an example


The bot is always synchronized with your eCommerce data. Just update your store and the bot will notice and adapt. You can also “refresh” the bot on demand.

See where to do it


Discover what your clients are looking for and the common questions they have. This can even help you improve your shop (e.g. are they asking for a product you are not yet selling?).

Monitoring example

Configure everything

From the bot logo and colors to every single conversation message, you can fully configure and adapt the bot to your liking.


Top of the line support

At Xatkit we deeply care about you. And this is not just a marketing slogan. Contact us via email, join our Slack workspace or reach out on social media and we’ll do whatever is needed to help you optimize your eCommerce shop with our bots.

Continuous improvement

The bot is always learning and evolving based on the interactions with your visitors. And you’ll automatically get all the updates and new bot releases we prepare for our Xatkit clients.

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Learn to build great chatbots

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