R&D – Research and Development

The co-founders of Xatkit are active researchers. As such, Xatkit benefits from all the latest research advances and new cutting-edge technologies to make sure your bots are as powerful as possible. See the research works Xatkit has been part of and how we can collaborate in research and teaching initiatives to create together better bots for everyone. Xatkit has even recently got an Innovators Award!!!!

Research Results

Xatkit has been part of several scientific research publications.

Xatkit: A Multimodal Low-Code Chatbot Development Framework

The more complete presentation of the Xatkit architecture and philosophy. Read it here.

A Model-based Chatbot Generation Approach to Converse with Open Data Sources

The Open Data movement promotes the free distribution of data. More and more companies and governmental organizations are making their data available online following the Open Data philosophy. Nevertheless, regular citizens cannot really benefit from these initiatives as they lack the technical skills to read and process these open data resources. We present an approach to automatically derive full-fledged chatbots from API-based Open Data sources. Read more here.

OpenAPI Bot: A Chatbot to Help You Understand REST APIs

Xatkit-powered chatbots to help you understand OpenAPI definitions. Current OpenAPI documentation tools mostly provide simple descriptive Web pages enumerating all the API operations and corresponding parameters but do not offer interactive capabilities to help navigate the API and ask relevant information. Our bot solves this. Read more here.

Towards Automating the Synthesis of Chatbots for Conversational Model Query

Generation of bots from software models. Use the bot to ask questions and explore the model data. Read more here.  

Multi-platform Chatbot Modeling and Deployment with the Jarvis Framework

The work that started it all. First presentation of the Xatkit platform. At that time, Xatkit was still called Jarvis (then we came to the conclusion that Jarvis was too common and needed a more original name for our platform 🙂 ). More details here.

Let’s collaborate on R&D projects!

We strongly believe that Xatkit is the best bot platform for researchers and academics. We are researchers ourselves. Therefore, we are able to fully understand your needs and constraints (e.g. see our lessons learned in building Xatkit, the keynote we gave in the 2nd International Workshop on Bots in Software Engineering – BotSE 2020).

That’s why we think you should consider partnering with us for your next research project involving new techniques for bots’ development (e.g. low-code platforms for chatbots) or the use of bots in new domains (e.g. bots for ehealth or for Software Engineering). In much bot-related research, researchers spend a significant amount of time putting together the bot pieces they need to create their bots and/or run their experiments. We ask you not to reinvent the wheel and, instead, adopt Xatkit as the base platform. Xatkit is open source, and you’ll benefit from all Xatkit features and connectors to have powerful bots with less effort (e.g. no need to learn to use DialogFlow, Xatkit can deploy the bots there for you) and will be able to spend more time on the core research aspects.

Get in touch if you have any collaboration ideas. It could involve the creation of a new platform for Xatkit, a new component enhancing Xatkit’s functionality or the development of Xatkit bots for a domain of your interest. We are open to listen to any idea you may have and explore how we can help you (and/or your students) to make it happen in a win-win proposition for everybody.

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