We have now uploaded the slides and video of the technical briefing we gave at ICSE’21 discussing the challenges of building good chatbots.

Summary of the technical briefing

Chatbots are popular solutions assisting humans in multiple fields, such as customer support or e-learning. However, building such applications has become a complex task requiring a high-level of expertise in a variety of technical domains. Chatbots need to integrate (AI-based) NLU components, but also connect to internal/external services, deploy on various platforms, etc.

The briefing will first cover the current landscape of chatbot frameworks. Then, we’ll get our hands dirty and create a few bots of increasing difficulty playing with aspects like entity recognition, sentiment analysis, event processing, or testing. By the end of the session, attendees will have all the keys to understand the main steps and obstacles to building a good chatbot.


Full Video

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Learn to sell more with chatbots

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