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We keep building and improving Xatkit and we’re very happy to announce that Xatkit v.4 is now available. Xatkit 4 comes with plenty of exciting new features and enhancements. The changelog in the previous link lists them all but these are Xatkit v4 highlights:

  • Integration of Xbase as the expression language in Xatkit. Xbase expression can now be used in execution models to specify complex bot behaviors, and platform action parameters and returns can now be typed to improve in-editor support.
  • Xatkit DSL files can now be edited in any text-based editor, and re-deployed transparently. It is not necessary to do it within Eclipse.
    • Generated xmi files are not used anymore. Import clauses in execution and platform files must now directly target .intent and .platform files instead of the generated .xmi.
    • Xatkit configuration file property xatkit.execution.model must point to a .execution file, not a .xmi
  • A new monitoring API that provides additional information regarding the bot execution. More information available in the dedicated wiki article.
  • RegExIntentRecognitionProvider (previously known as DefaultIntentProvider) now matches intents in a case insensitive way (excepted for mapping entities).
  • Initial support for https: it is now possible to set a JKS keystore location in the Xatkit configuration that will be used to start the server and encrypt http responses.
  • It is now possible to set the Xatkit configuration option xatkit.message.delay to specify a delay (in milliseconds) the bot should wait for before sending a message (this option, together with the flexibility of Xbase were key to these simple strategies to make chatbots more human-like).

What are you waiting for? Give Xatkit v4 a try and let us know what you’d like to see next!

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