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After our recent new feature to manage multiple bots from one account, we bring today Markdown support to create clear responses for your customer support FAQ-like questions.

Our eCommerce bot was already able to visualize nice product lists with multiple features (e.g. the option to automatically add a listed product to your shopping cart, see this example image) but for FAQ questions, the UI was not that intuitive.

We have now made sure that the text area to write your answers can be enlarged to fit all your answer text (instead of being a shorter single-line field) and that you can use Markdown syntax to emphasize parts of the answer, print lists, etc. See an example:

Editing a chatbot answer with markdown

Everything is standard Markdown syntax. Just note the specific combination required to print a blank line between two paragraphs. You need to end the previous line with two spaces (markdown little secret 🙂 ) and ad add a nbsp (non-breaking space) as shown in the figure to force the extra line in our Markdown renderer library. Note also how in the bottom-right of the textarea you have a small icon to enlarge it as much as needed.

Once you’re done, save the answer as usual. The textarea will collapse but the full answer will be properly stored (and you can always enlarge it again to double-check everything is in fact there).

This answer is stored in the bot and rendered when the user asks a matching question. The visualization corresponding to the previous answer example would be the following:

Visualizing a markdown text in a chatbot

Hope this helps you to create even better bots. As usual, always happy to get your feedback!.


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