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Every website deserves a chatbot. Even more, an eCommerce site where you need to be fast in answering questions and help your customers find the products they need, show them the current offers, explain your shipping and payment options, etc.

You could forget about sleeping or holidays and do all this work yourself, pay people to help you or try a digital assistant to take care of all these customer support tasks automatically.

Why not every eCommerce site has a chatbot (yet)?

If, clearly, chatbots are such an important tool for the success of an eCommerce site, you may wonder why not every single shop has one.

Until now, a big showstopper for online shop owners interested in selling more and better thanks to embedding a chatbot on their website was the time and money investment getting a high-quality chatbot required. You only had two options:

  • Pay a chatbot agency to get your own custom chatbot (and keep paying them every time you were updating the site)
  • Learn a bot language / tool and invest your time defining all the bot conversations yourself. And, as before, make sure you keep the bot definition fully updated with each change you do in the products, prices, options,… on your online shop

(yes, there is a third option, pay for a simple chatbot, typically with no smart engine behind, that will mostly scare away your customers instead of making them happy and willing to return).

Xatkit: a radical new solution

At Xatkit, we’re changing the world of chatbots for eCommerce by offering you pretrained smart chatbots for eCommerce that mix powerful AI-based NLP capabilities to offer built-in conversations with many easy configuration options to customize the bot.

You can read more details about our features but let us emphasize six key benefits:

  • The bot comes from plenty of built-in conversations to start helping your clients right away. Conversations cover a broad range of topics, from search to recommendations, shipping, payment and order status.
  • The bot configures these conversations based on your shop description. You don’t get a generic bot, you get a bot that knows what you’re selling and adapts to that.
  • Full synchronization. The bot evolves to reflect any change in your shop. Refresh the bot at any time to get all your shop changes immediately reflected in the bot behavior. The bot can even detect and adapt to some changes dynamically. No need to manually update any conversation!
  • You can add as many other questions as you want to create your own FAQ.
  • You can customize all bot conversations as well as the bot visual aspect.
  • You don’t get just a chatbot but a smart chatbot. Our bot benefits from all the latest advances in AI technology to better understand and help your clients.

Get Xatkit for WooCommerce for free right now!

Xatkit will be available in all the major eCommerce platforms but we have chosen WooCommerce as our first target. You can already head to the WordPress repository and install our WooCommerce chatbot plugin. And to make sure our expert WooCommerce chatbot is as useful as we want it to be, we are launching it first in a beta testing mode.

Our goal is to get your advice to help us improve Xatkit before its official release. And to make this a win-win, we’re offering Xatkit for free until the end of October to all the shops that sign up for our beta testing campaign (and a special discounted price afterwards!). Interested in getting an expert and fully pretrained eCommerce chatbot for free?. Sign up today and let us help you start selling better and more with Xatkit!.

Feel free to contact us if you need any additional questions or clarification.

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