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Xatkit is the easiest and fastest way to get a powerful and automatic chatbot for WooCommerce. If you don’t trust us, watch our installation video and see how easy is to get your own chatbot for your WooCommerce online shop. But, we understand some of you may want to take a look at the bot in a live demo so, we listened to you and prepared a live demo WooCommerce chatbot site. Go to a give it a try.

The shop is initialized with the sample data provided with the WooCommerce installation, simulating a retail shop selling t-shirts, hoodies and some clothing accessories. Feel free to ask the bot for recommendations, shipping options, payment methods,… and see how the bot starts assisting you right away. You can even ask for the status of “your” order (try with the order id 102 if you want to make sure the bot can find your order in the fake shop 🙂 ). See the chatbot pretrained conversations for more ideas on things you could ask the bot but really try any question you’d like the bot to answer if this was your shop. Even if the bot is unable to answer, we will be checking the conversations to learn from you and improve the bot.

We just ask you to keep in mind that the demo only shows the client’s perspective of Xatkit but not the “shop-owner” one. So the demo doesn’t show the

  • monitoring dashboard to see the most frequent questions your visitors are asking, the missing questions,… no,
  • the simple UI to create and add your own conversations to the bot
  • all the configuration settings to tune the bot (including switching the language from English to French, Spanish or Catalan).
  • etc

So, we strongly encourage you to install (for free!) the bot on your own website or just contact us for a more in-depth private demo. You don’t want to miss all the benefits a chatbot brings to your online shop, even less now that the shopping season is looming.

Keep in mind the bot you see in this demo page has NOT been manually configured. We have never taught the bot what to recommend or what shipping methods are available in the shop. The bot learns all this information by itself by reading all your available shop data and using it to answer your questions. So installing the bot took us less than 5 minutes. Imagine having such a smart bot on your online shop with no need to learn to use any chatbot platform or spend hours configuring all conversations.

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