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Wondering whether you need a chatbot? Or what chatbots are exactly useful for?. We believe our short chatbots introductory video provides the answers you’re looking for and also explains how our bot creation, hosting and monitoring services can help you get your chatbot up and running in your website in no time.

Chatbots Video script 

A telephone call, an email, a question on social media, a comment on the website… Today there are many ways of communicating with companies and organizations to request information about a product, answer questions and even make purchases.  Their challenge is to respond by providing quality information quickly and effectively, but when there is a high volume of questions and comments, answering promptly and with high-quality to all customers requests becomes a nightmare.

Today’s technology allows us to generate new channels, such as chatbots, through which artificial intelligence manages to hold conversations with other people on any media, at any time, all year long.

A well-trained chatbot is capable of automating processes such as those collecting registration data, responding to frequently asked questions, sending up-to-date information and even sales. Chatbots also speak foreign languages, so they can help anyone around the world.

A good chatbot not only saves you time and money, it also improves the customer experience, since it allows you to provide instant, quality solutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Not every organisation has the same needs, and not all chatbots are alike. They must be customised and trained in order to make the most of them. Your chatbot is not just any old chatbot. To make this possible, we present Xatkit, our comprehensive service based on a proprietary technology that allows us to configure and create tailor-made bots. We just need key information about your business to give you a chatbot ready to help your customers.

We guide you through the entire process of creating your bot, from the initial analysis, to its training, installation and monitoring. You can also access the bot dashboard to monitor and control the work it does.

Xatkit is a multiplatform service to help you deploy your chatbot on the web, social networks and mobile applications to assist anyone, anywhere.

Drop us a line if you if you cannot wait to get your bot!

Learn to build great chatbots

Learn to build great chatbots

Read about the latest trends in the world of bots and chatbots, with special focus on chatbots for eCommerce and customer support

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