Teaching chatbot and bot development

Are you teaching a programming course and looking for a cool topic for your students’ projects?. Or maybe looking for a use case to illustrate the benefits of Domain-Specific Languages?. Or are you in charge of a NLP/AI based course and want your students to play with a bot framework to learn the ropes?. At Xatkit, we perfectly know how difficult it may be to find the right tools and examples for your courses and want to help. Get in touch if you’d like to use Xatkit in class. With Xatkit, your students will get a flexible, easy-to-use and open source bot framework to jump-start their development projects and experiments.

Teaching collaborations

See some already completed collaborations between Xatkit and universities around the world

Modeling Voicebots with Xatkit - Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Extension of Xatkit to support Alexa Skills. In particular, this project developed a skill to enable software designers to create IFML diagrams with voice commands. By Luca Baruffini as part of his Master thesis, co-supervised by Marco Brambilla and Jordi Cabot

Monitoring dashboard for bots - BarcelonaTech (Spain)

A chatbot without proper monitoring is worth next to nothing. This project started our graphical monitoring dashboard for Xatkit bots. By Lluís Marquès as part of his final degree project, co-supervised by Jordi Cabot

Facebook Messenger Platform - University of Tartu (Estonia)

Added FB messenger as a new platform for Xatkit. You can now build FB bots as input or output platform (or both). This project started our graphical monitoring dashboard for Xatkit bots. By a group of students of this project course (see the GH repo for full contributors’ details)

Bots for Spotify - Universidad de la República (Uruguay)

Added Spotify as a new platform for Xatkit so that you can control and manage your Spotify lists with a chatbot. By María Noel Bassagoda, Maria Victoria Armand and Cecilia Guayta. Supervised by Daniel Calegari as part of his Model-Driven Engineering course. 

Let’s collaborate on teaching projects!

We strongly believe that Xatkit is the best bot platform for academics looking for an easy way to introduce (chat)bots and/or chatbot development in any course. And beyond offering our platform for free, we’ll be happy to help you on that.

So, what are we offering?

  • Provide teaching materials on Xatkit and bots and chatbots in general
  • Tutorials and guidance on how to use Xatkit.
  • (up to you) Our participation in a course session/s to cover some aspects above. This could be a physical or remote participation depending on where you are.

What do we expect from you?

  • Feedback on the experience from your teacher’s point of view
  • And that at least one of the important assignments of the course involves using or contributing to Xatkit (a new platform, a NLP-related experiment,  or just creating a cool bot we can feature). As you can see from the examples above, this could end in a nice win-win situation where the work of your students gets featured as part of the Xatkit organization in GitHub. Choosing the assignment is up to you but we can help you assess how well it fits the time constraints and student profile of your course.
  • (Alternatively) You could also organize a kind of hackathon as a practical exercise for the course. This may be even more exciting for the students and facilitate our “presence” and promotion of the event.

Get in touch to start discussing the best way to bring chatbots in your classroom!.

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