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Visitors will always surprise you with the variety of their questions. Luckily, only a few of them are asked often (and should the ones your bot excel at answering!). Even among this reduced set, you may have a couple of questions that are asked again and again, especially time-sensitive questions (enrollment, payment,…) during specific periods,

You probably want these questions to be offered as a default alternative as soon as the user wakes up the bot. If you’re lucky, the user is coming to ask exactly that question and will get her answer with the click of a button, with no risk of being misunderstood. If you’re not, well, then she’ll ask her question as usual. Nothing to lose, much to gain.

In our bots for customer support, you can now define that a FAQ questions should be pinned to the beginning of every bot conversation:

Marking a question as a top question for the chatbot

Checking this box will automatically push the bot to display this question when the widget is maximized to start the conversation. The question will be displayed as a clickable button. The label of the button will always be the first question variation, so “Do you offer refunds” in this case. You probably want to make sure this first variation is not too long, especially if want to pin several questions.

You can see in this image how the bot displays the question. If the user is not interested in any of the pinned questions, she can just click on the “I have another question” to write a question as usual.

showing a top question in the chatbot

You can obviously pin and unpin a question at any time. This will help you to configure and optimize the behavior of the bot based on the seasonality of your business (e.g. sales, onboarding, launches,…).

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