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Most of you have more than one website. Or maybe you’re a web agency and therefore manage many websites. Until now, Xatkit was following a 1 user account <-> 1 bot policy, which forced you to create several accounts. We’re happy to say that his now has been improved, and you can manage multiple bots with the same account!

You can go to Settings to choose the active bot or create a new one. In the following image you can see how this user has two bots, the “game shop” bot and the “QA bot”. The first one is the currently active. With the dropdown you can select the other one or create a completely new one. Note that now you can also set the name of your bot so that it gets easier to distinguish them.

The option to create new bots is not enabled by default, so get in touch if you need it.

And this is not the only improvement. Advanced users will also see now the most popular FAQ questions. Next to the Popular Conversations pie chart you’ll see a second pie chart, Popular Q&A Conversations, “zooming in” on the FAQ questions category. So on the left chart you see how many FAQ questions people ask compared to the other eCommerce conversations available of the bots. On the right, the details of the popularity custom FAQ conversation you added to the bot.

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