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Xatkit is a very flexible platform that can be easily accommodated to generate native chatbots for a variety of platforms. Our brand new native WordPress Chatbot Plugin is a perfect example.

With this plugin, any WordPress site can include our chatbot for free and with zero mandatory configuration. Ever dreamed about having a chatbot running in your WP site in less than two minutes?. This is your chance. Download it and give it a try right now!.

The chatbot includes a limited but yet useful set of questions it can answer. Some examples are:

  • Categories and tags navigation: Display all posts of a certain category/tag. Answer questions about the most popular categories and tags
  • Search functionality: Use the chatbot to provide advanced search functionality of the contents of your site. You could use the bot to replace your search field and provide a more structured search experience to the users.
  • Choose the language the bot should speak to your visitors. Right now, the WP chatbot speaks English, French and Spanish. We could configure it to chat also in Catalan or in many other languages if needed.
  • Help visitors contact you and collect leads: The bot is able to answer questions about the different ways to contact you and redirect them to the newsletter or contact page when needed.
  • Dialogflow support: The bot uses DialogFlow for the natural language processing part. Among other things, this enables the bot to understand the user even if there are some typos in the text.

Look at some examples of interactions your WordPress visitors you have with the Xatkit chatbot. For instance, a search conversation

Chatbot search example

or using the bot to get your contact information.

Using the chatbot plugin for WP to get contact information

Did you notice the typo in “newletter”?. As you can see, the bot uses DialogFlow to understand your questions and even has some tolerance to errors so even if there is some typo in your visitor’s question, the chatbot may be able to get it.

In the free plan, the bot is hosted in a shared Xatkit instance on our own servers. No need for you to host yourself the bot nor to create/configure your own DialogFlow account. It doesn’t get easier than this 🙂 . The chatbot learns how to answer the above questions by using the public endpoints in the WordPress REST API or the information you explicitly provide in the plugin configuration (exposed by the plugin as additional custom endpoints). The bot will stay minimized on your home page until the visitor wakes it up.

You can also update the look and feel of the bot by using your customized logo.

Beyond the free chatbot for WP plan we also offer a pretrained eCommerce chatbot to sell more and better with a digital salesperson that need no configuration (but, of course, you can adapt it to your liking if you wish so!)

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