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Have you ever dreamed of a bot able to check your emails, read and process them automatically? I did. And now, thanks to Xatkit‘s new email platform capabilities, it’s possible.

Same as you can have a chatbot that chats with clients interacting with your company via the website, we can also build a chatbot that answers client’s requests sent by email.

You could, for instance, create a bot that

  1. Automatically answers email questions the bot knows how to answer
  2. Redirects the email to the right people in your organization based on the email body

Or, you could even have a bot that:

  1. Chats with your customers
  2. Sends an email to the right person in the organization for questions the bot doesn’t completely understand but can guess the topic
  3. Once it gets back the email response from the company employee is able to send back the response to the customer using the same channel the customer was in.

So, for instance, you can chat with the bot on Telegram, get immediate answers for some questions and for others you’d get a message later on with the proper response. No need to go from Telegram to email, find yourself the person to contact, write the email and wait for the response. Everything happens in the same channel and you get a notification when the answer is ready for you.

Yes, email classifiers already exist but they are often based on keywords. And this is not enough. A person asking for a product X may be asking for shipping options for the product, for color variations, for counterindications,… and this expertise typically belongs to different departments.

Also, Xatkit allows you to mix email with any of the other platforms Xatkit can work with, enabling a multitude of seamless interaction opportunities and not just classify emails but to automatically answer them combining the benefits of chatbots and email processors.

Our eCommerce expert bots were already able to email the eCommerce site owner with questions the bot wasn’t able to answer itself but then it was the owner who had to first redirect the email to the right person, collect the answer and manually get back to the interested visitor. Our new email platform allows to automate most of this process and make sure the information reaches the proper people right away.

Note that the bot doesn’t need to have access to your email inbox, if you don’t want to. It’s enough to setup an automatic forward to the bot’s email address. Then, providers like CloudMailin can send a POST request to the bot’s URL with the email content.

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