Thanks to a very successful teaching collaboration with the University of Tartu, we have added support for Facebook Messenger to Xatkit. Now you can create Messenger chatbots and connect them with any of the other platforms, services and language processors available in Xatkit.

This page will show you how to build and install theĀ Facebook Messenger Xatkit platform and how to locally start an example bot on your own Facebook page.

As described in the FB Messenger Xatkit platform repository, you can create bots that respond to new messages and to reactions to your posted messages. The platform provides several reply formats you could use, including uploading files in case you want to, for instance, reply with a gif.

Remember that thanks to Xatkit design and chatbot orchestration services, you can leverage all the other Xatkit platforms and services to create very powerful Messenger bots. As an example, you could create a bot that uses sentiment analysis to provide different responses depending on how the visitor is feeling. Or combine Messenger and Slack to be able to reply to Messenger requests directly from your Slack channels.

Featured image by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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Learn to sell more with chatbots

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